Registration is CLOSED for the 2024 Season!

Practices begin the week of April 1st.  Games begin the week of May 13th.

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Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the Edwardsville / Glen Carbon Little League Association (EGCLLA) website! We hope that you will find this website useful in providing the information that you are seeking regarding our organization. If you have further questions, you can find the contact information for our Board members on the Board page, or click on the FAQs tab to learn more about the EGCLLA.

We are proud to serve the Edwardsville / Glen Carbon area in providing summer, recreational baseball and tee-ball leagues. We feel that we have one of the best youth programs in the area, and we hope that your children and you enjoy your time as a part of our organization.

Paul Johnes, Commissioner
Dan Allaria, Vice Commissioner
Ben Maliszewski, Treasurer
Vince Allaria, Secretary


Vanzo Award winner

More Info about the EGCLLA

The Edwardsville / Glen Carbon Little League Association (EGCLLA) is a privately run, non-profit, volunteer organization that provides recreational summer baseball and tee ball leagues for children in Kindergarten through the 12th grade. We are not a part of the City of Edwardsville or the Village of Glen Carbon parks departments. We do however have our practices and play our games on city-owned and village-owned fields. The EGCLLA is organized and administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. The divisions of teams are formed by the child's current school grade during the Spring term and are organized as follows:


Team Sponsors

Your support provides for the printing of team uniforms with your business name which will be kept by the players for personal use after the season is completed.

Rain out Cancellation Procedure - GAMES ONLY

This season we will communicate rain out cancellations through our Team Snap app/website. Parents/Guardians that have registered their child(ren) will receive email, alerts, text messages when games are cancelled.  

**Important** -- Parents must accept the invitation to join their team once rosters have been formed in order to receive communications from the coach and league office.


EGCLLA Rain out Make-up policy

When a team reaches three (3) rain outs during the season the league office will re-schedule the first game that was rained out.  The second and third rained out games will not be re-scheduled.  If a team only has two (2) rain outs then those games will not be re-scheduled.  If a team has four (4) rain outs then the first and second games will be re-scheduled.

Rain out policy for Practices

The League office does not send out cancellation notices for practices.  The Head coach is responsible for communicating with parents/players regarding practices being cancelled.

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"EGCLLA is a gem for this area. The little league that I had in my home town folded due to everyone moving to "select" teams. Now, there is no little league there for the families that cannot afford "select" or have other reasons for not going to a "select" team. We are lucky here to have EGCLLA."

"Thanks for all your hard work. It has been a great experience and we have truly enjoyed it!"

"Thank you for your time, your commitment to EGCLLA, and your patience. It is great to see what a good league EGCLLA is for the kids."

"They had some good coaches. My grandson had a awesome season."

"This was fun to watch! They do have some enthusiastic coaches who are also fun to see how they interact wonderfully with the team!"

"Thank you to EGCLLA for making this evening special for the boys!!"

"Thanks again for another great season!!"

"We have made contact with the new manager. Thank you so much for your help, from all of us."

"Thanks for all you do! We as coaches appreciate it. Had a great season!"

Great organization. My son has really enjoyed playing little league. Great coaches.